Baby Teeth is a thing of beauty causing you to relax and it can also cause you to stress. A good set of a baby’s teeth with it’s beautiful smile can win hearts… And a bad set with it’s problems can also break hearts especially those of the parents. The Parents are highly concerned regarding the status of their ward’s dental health and also are mostly unaware of the various problems that may appear and the mode of preventing those problems or the remedies for those problems.

Baby Teeth / Milk Teeth

When does baby teeth erupt? Baby Teething Age!

baby teeth eruption chart

Eruption chart of milk teeth

Average time period but can vary from child to child

The lower front teeth start erupting at the age of around 6-10 months. Then the upper front starts erupting later , then the back teeth erupts and the entire eruption of baby teeth takes close to 3 years of age.

How long do milk teeth last?

Milk teeth usually start shedding after the age of six to seven years in most children during which period the child is in the stage of mixed dentition(having both milk and permanent teeth). This shedding process continues and if the child does not develop any decay or disease, the last milk tooth usually sheds around 12-13 years of age.

Baby Teeth Brushing

baby teeth brushing

At first eruption of milk teeth- clean with wet cotton Gauze .

After 1-1.5 years of age –  Silicone brushes may be used without tooth paste.

2-5 Years-  Brushing with soft brushes by the parent or under parental supervision with Kid’s Tooth paste having fluoride content less than 450 ppm.

Is it necessary to treat milk teeth as they will anyway shed off?

The baby teeth act as a space preserving tool for the proper eruption of the permanent teeth. Each and every mm of space occupied by the milk tooth is utilised by the underlying permanent tooth for it’s proper eruption. If this space is lost by milk tooth decay or by removal of the teeth, the next erupting permanent tooth will not be able to erupt in it’s proper position and may erupt in an awkward position or may not erupt at all and be Impacted.

baby teeth decay
milk teeth treatment

Alignment problems caused by milk tooth decay

What causes the milk teeth to shed?

Milk teeth are made to shed by the erupting permanent teeth. The growing tooth underlying the baby tooth causes some pressure on the roots of the milk tooth and causes root resorption. when most of the milk tooth root is resorbed , the tooth starts shaking and falls off.

If the underlying tooth is erupting in front of or in back of the milk tooth, then there is no resorption and the milk tooth needs to be pulled out by the dentist.

Milk teeth Spacing or Gaps? What to do?

baby teeth gaps

Spaces or gaps between the milk teeth is mostly a favourable sign and it means more available spaces for the upcoming permanent teeth. Therfore the permanent teeth are in a more aligned manner. Also spaces mean no chances of food getting stuck between the teeth thereby reducing chances of tooth decay.

If the spacing is only between the upper front two teeth , then a high frenal attachment has to be checked for and removed surgically or with Laser at the appropriate age so that the space does not carry on to the permanent teeth as well.

High Frenal attachment

To be removed surgically or with Laser

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