Invisalign aligners or clear aligners are inreasingly used especially in a large  number of adult population who would like their orthodontic treatment masked from the preyful eyes of the society. The Invisalign cost in madurai is one of the favourable factors  compared to other metropolitan cities that makes people choose madurai as the preferred place of treatment. Even a lot of NRI’s and Foreigners are preferring madurai for their invisalign treatment as this treatment does not require the monthly visits that other braces treatments need.

What is Invisalign / Clear Aligners

Invisalign aligners are a set of sequential clear plastic like tray sheets which can be worn onto the teeth without others even noticing it. These are removable trays ,unlike the fixed braces ,which can be removed by the person undergoing treatment during eating and any important talks or speeches. But as these are removable, patient compliance is a very important factor in the success of the treatment. Therefore these are not preferred in children and is mainly recommended for self motivated adults and people living abroad who cannot afford the treatment there and cannot come down for the monthly visits either. Invisalign cost in madurai is much much lower than the regular braces treatment done abroad.

dental braces in madurai- clear aligners

Steps in Fabrication/ Time Frame

invisalign cost in madurai- photos

Intra and Extra oral Photos- day 1

Impressions- Day 1 0r Day 2

Invisalign cost in madurai- trial fit

Trial Fit- Day 5-7

The patient should be present for this appointment.

dental braces in madurai- clear aligners


One week to ten days after the trial fit. Patient need not be present. The clear aligners can be shipped to you place.

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