Dental Holiday means travelling abroad for affordable dental care. But affordable does not mean compromise in quality of the product. India offers the best high quality low cost dental tourism packages at almost 1/10th of the pricing in countries like US or UK.

Dental Holiday in India is growing at a rapid pace due to the combination of low pricing with highest quality dental care and also because of the variety of tourism spots in the country especially in the southern part of the country.

Dental Holiday Prices

Cost of Dental tourism in India

Cost in

Cost of Dental treatment in US & UK much higher than dental tourism in india

Whereas Cost in

Thailand costs much higher than dental tourism in india

Similarly, Cost in Thailand

All on 4 Implants (per arch)

less than 5000$

20000-25000 $


Smile Designing


8000 $


Dental Implants




Zygoma Implants




Zirconia Crowns




Tooth Whitening




Dental Holiday Images
Take a look at some of the Tourism spots in southern India if you’re planning for a low cost dental vacation in India. These are some of the most pleasing and natural locations . Some destinations have a huge historical gradient extending to thousands of years.

How far would you travel to get your Treatment Done

Simple ‘One off’ Procedures such as a Root canal treatment or a wisdom tooth extraction getting done abroad may seem odd, but more and more Americans and Europeans are travelling Abroad to get their Treatment done.

Most of these Treatments are a little extensive procedures or expensive procedures like a complete Smile Designing or a Full mouth All on 4 Implant procedure to get a fixed set of artificial teeth. These Treatments may not be life saving to the patient, but in most cases are Life changing treatments.

These extensive Treatments cannot be afforded by most people in these countries and for some reason the costs of these treatments tend to be rising everyday.

Dental Holiday India is a chance for most of these people to not only get the desired treatment done at the best Quality of care but also offers them a chance to visit some unexplored tourism spots and all these at a much lower and affordable Expenditure. The reason for the Increased costs in certain countries is Unexplained as it is not due to the Increased Material costs but most often due to the exhorbitant fees charged by the Hospitals.

We , At Magizhchi Dental , Madurai, believe that dental care should be available Universally to all and low cost Dental tourism which includes a few visits to our center during the course of your vacation offers us a chance to treat various people from around the world and spread their smiles.

Dental holiday Treatments

Dental Tourism India Packages

At Magizhchi Dental, The administration is specially designed keeping the strict requirements of our International Patients in mind. All dental procedures are carried out as per the strict international standards of hygiene and sterilization, using the latest dental techniques and materials.

We arrange through our travel partners the entire package, including the flight arrangements, accommodation, local tour packages during your stay along with your required dental treatments as one whole package. All you have to do is just let us know your preferred dates and our co-ordinators will get in touch with you and arrange a complete tour package which includes your dental treatments in it. All of this is combined in one economical package for you.

Our Exclusive Package Includes

Procedure – Cost of the Healthcare procedure quoted by the doctor.

Return Air Tickets- We would be pleased to book your and the accompanying person’s return air ticket in the airline of your choice.

Transfers- Airport to Accomodation(Hotel) , Pre and post procedure consultations and procedure, Accomodation to Airport.

Personal Bilingual Assistant- For Consultation sessions, procedure sessions, Local City tour and Airport transfers.

Accomodation- You can choose the accomodation of your choice – Price Varies depending on the choice of accomodation.

Local City tour – Local sightseeing and Temple Visit.

Personal Mobile Phone for use in India.

 Post Procedure Luxury Vacation – To any exotic location of your choice In India or the surrounding Countries.

All Applicable Taxes.

Excluding – Breakfast , Meals and Beverages; Incidental Travel and stopover costs; Incidental Medical Expenses.

Dental Holiday Packages India

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